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Everything takes place online these days. Just like phone books helped people find contacts, back in the days, online directories now do the same, but in a more modern way. If you haven’t listed your online shop on an online shopping directory it may be time to do this.

You see, many people don’t know your brand and store exist. They may need or want what you have for sale but are not aware that you’re out there. Also, these days, people search the internet for anything they may need. They like to check out options and find out as much as possible about products before making a final choice.

This is where online shopping directories come into the scene. Such a directory offers an easy form of exposure, allowing potential clients to find your store easier. Check out to see just how convenient it is to list your online store in a shopping directory. Regarding the benefits of doing so, there’s an entire list you may be interested in.

Your shop enjoys a lot of exposure, in a cost-effective manner

How cost-effective is it to list a store in an online shopping directory? Well, you can get all the benefits without paying anything. Yes, adding your store to a directory like doesn’t cost anything. And when you can get more exposure for your store for free, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do so.

When owning and running a business, we all know that keeping the budget under control is a must. Finding cost-effective solutions to gain more exposure and visibility is great since they draw more customers to the store and increase the chances of making a sale.

The brand’s online presence will be improved

There’s no denying we check the internet when looking to find information or wish to buy something. Mobile phones are the most used in this direction and businesses that can be found easier this way have the most to gain.

Online directories not only help by allowing people to find businesses but also increase the chances of being listed by search engines. In other words, the more channels you use to increase your visibility, the easier it will be for potential customers to find you. Considering that people use the internet to find local businesses as well, it is certainly worth doing everything you can to become as visible as possible.

You’ll drive more traffic to the online store

An online store needs traffic if it aims at getting more sales. Traffic means people visiting your website. The more people find and visit your online store, the higher the chances for them to buy products. The best part about using online shopping directories is that they bring organic traffic to your store. Because you don’t pay anything, but use the authorities of a web page instead, the results provided by search engines are organic. 

It is a great way to boost visibility and help people find the store faster

As mentioned earlier, an online directory is a great way to increase the visibility of your business. When you use the right keywords and links for listing the business on such a directory, audiences interested in your business will find an easy path to your store. Not to mention that the backlinks provided by the directory, back to a business’s website, are of a higher quality. This makes search engines consider them reliable, which results in a better ranking score.

Besides this, business information that is consistent and accurate will make search engines increase the importance of a business. So, considering that you have the same kind of business information both on your website and online directory, it’s a clear indicator that your brand and business are serious. This inevitably means that people will find your store easier since search engines will see it as a reliable option to display.

Your target audience will be easier to reach

Online shopping directories aren’t easy to use just by business owners. Customers enjoy the same ease of use when looking to find businesses that can provide what they need. Using various parameters, customers filter results in order to find local businesses or stores capable of satisfying their needs. So, an online shopping directory can help you reach local customers and expand the business's potential. Why resume your website alone, when you can use this method to get in touch with even more potential customers?

It is worth remembering that people appreciate suggestions of businesses that are located in their proximity or those that fit their requirements. Since an online shopping directory is focused on connecting customers with shops, regardless of what they sell, it is easy to spot the created opportunity.

The shop will gain more sales

The more people manage to find you on the internet, the bigger the chances are to close a deal. And customers do trust suggestions coming from online directories. Also, they trust the suggestions made by search engines. This is why depositing efforts to increase visibility, ranking, and reputation are worth the while.

Even if you’re just starting out, you should do everything you can to make your brand’s online presence more noticeable. Besides social media and blogs, online directories are another great, free, method to help your store gain more traction and increase its conversion rate.

Customers will trust your brand more

New businesses struggle to convince people to buy because we don’t like giving our money to someone we don’t know. This is why building trust and a good reputation are top priorities in the first years of activity. Did you know online directories boost your brand’s reputation? By listing the store in such a directory, it works as a confirmation that the business exists and that it isn’t a scam. 

Because directories check the validity of registered data, customers don’t have to bother doing this themselves. An online shopping directory is a convenient way to find a reliable store, without having to check its reputation.

Having said all these, are you ready to sell more? Then list your store on and increase your power of reaching potential customers.

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